Royal Stewart Tartan

Royal Stewart Tartan

The Royal Stewart tartan is perhaps the best known of all Scottish tartans and is what many people would think of when they think of the word ‘tartan’. It has a red base with vertically and horizontally interwoven bands of green, blue, yellow and white making the Royal Stewart tartan immediately recognisable.

It is the tartan of the Royal House of Stewart and, in theory, a wearer requires the monarch’s permission to wear it. Given Royal Stewart tartan’s ubiquitous presence in tourist shop across Scotland that might not be the most strictly observed rule.

Kartel uses the 100% lambswool Royal Stewart tartan in its range of watches, featuring it on a watch strap, backed with nubuck leather for comfortable and durability.

You can buy the Royal Stewart tartan watch straps in 16mm and 20mm widths and as part of complete watches using our Kendrick and Isla cases.