KT-Sinclair 40mm-BBFB

Our new Sinclair watch features a unique rectangular case with sub-dial, low profile mineral glass and stainless steel case.

The brushed gunmetal watch case is plated brass, making for an extremely durable, corrosion resistant timepiece. On a navy blue 'fountainbridge' merino wool strap, the case holds a Miyota 1L45 gilt movement for reliability and accuracy.

The black dial features a two-layer sub-dial with a sun-ray effect finish displaying seconds. The glass is a low profile mineral glass allowing a clear view of the dial from all angles.



Kartel uses SAE 304 grade stainless steel for its new generation of watch cases. It has a higher corrosion resistance than regular steel making it ideal for the wide variety of situations a wrist watch will be expected to perform in. 304 grade steel is also desirable for its ease of sanitation, a real benefit when worn next to the skin for long periods.

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  • Gift case engraving
  • 3 year warranty
  • Customise any watch

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